Sereen Clean
Carpet Cleaning

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Hello! Welcome to Sereen Clean  Carpet Cleaning!
704-252-4478 Charlotte, NC

    Services We Provide:

   Carpet Cleaning

   Tile and Grout Cleaning 

   Water Extraction 

   Mattress Cleaning 

  Pet Treatment and Deodorize

   Upholstery Cleaning 

Why us?

~ Stubborn stain removal! ~
~ Carpet repair! ~
~ Reasonable Prices! ~
~ Certified and Insured  ~
~ State Registered! ~
~ We vacuum! ~
~ We use heavy traffic spray! ~
~ We don’t clean with ONLY steam! ~

Read About Us!

Sereen Clean Carpet Cleaning is a Family ran business! And we understand that you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to have your carpets cleaned, but we also know you want quality cleaning and service! We guarantee your satisfaction! Those “$59 for whole house” deals? Sure, they beat us in price, however they do NOT beat our performance! We don’t use only steam to clean your carpet like some do. Our Butler System Truck Mount not only heats the water to over 200° F, but also constantly mixes a soap-based solution to get your carpet completely clean. Let us also mention we like to spend a decent amount of time on your house, not just done in 45 minutes. To better protect your home, we also use corner guards and shoe covers.

Wondering what’s with the name ‘Sereen Clean’, and why is it spelt ‘Sereen’ instead of ‘Serene’? As I told you before, we are a family-run business. We named our company ‘Sereen Clean’ in memory of our late daughter Sereen who was stillborn in January 2016.


Call/Text 704-252-4478

Carpet Pricing


Standard Price (two areas) . . . . . . . . . .  $80.00
Each additional Area  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $20.00
Each area up to 200 square feet.

Any other service please call us.

~For only 1 area, please call~

 ~ Call or email for pricing ~